Staying healthy during the Pandemic

Corona COVID-19

Hot Lemon Water is your best friend! It keeps mucus from hardening in one's lungs - which is the main health issue with this virus. And lemon is very antiviral! The essential oil is great in spray mists (not internal). HOT lemon water in the am will help clean the mucus out of your throat and that seems to be the entry point for this virus. That's where the scratchy throat comes in. so hit it hard immediately. Hot Lemon Water will change the PH of your body to a level that is unattractive to this virus. Hot lemon water twice a day is already shown to work in ongoing studies happening right now in China. It is tasty too!

Rosemary tea is good, so is black licorice! If you can't get to a store, open your kitchen cabinet and take a look. Most culinary herbs are antiviral - Sage is best for the sore throat. Thyme, basil, oregano - all are good as a hot tea.

I have been told by several people that they heard or read that herbal medicine has been found to be useless in dealing with this virus. And I have read that myself. But the media nor our health care system has never been friendly to herbal medicine. However, the BBC Website recently had an interesting article about China. Chinese officials, looking at death rates and recovery times in various provinces noted that the areas with the worst results did not include any herbal protocols in treatments. Herbs are now part of the official COVID-19 protocols there.

Research has found that many herbs, especially in essential oil form have significant anti-viral properties. Such as...Eucalyptus oil shows anti-viral activity as a vapor. Thyme oil is effective against flu viruses as a liquid phase. Cinnamon oil also shows antiviral activity as a liquid. Tea tree oil and Bergamot oil  are effective against the flu virus within 5 to 10 minutes of exposure, as found in another study. Lemon balm is also proven  to prevent the avian influenza (bird flu) virus from reproducing. 

Despite what the media says, many studies have found that a commercial blend of essential oils significantly reduced the influenza virus’ ability to spread. Think “Thieves Oil” as among the three top antiviral essential oils that continue to be proven effective as antivirals are indeed Cinnamon, Rosemary, and Lemon. Also note: Eucalyptus is effective as a vapor or spray and is a brilliant addition to your homemade hand sanitizer! 

When asked what single herb would I use for the corona virus, I say SKULLCAP, because this whole virus thing has made me a nervous wreck. I might also say Licorice! Lovely Licorice might be the Corona Virus Herb, and there are several reasons. Test-tube studies demonstrate that licorice root extract is effective against HIV, RSV, herpes viruses, and severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS-CoV), which causes a serious type of pneumonia. Granted we don’t live in a test tube, but in David Hoffmann’s amazing book “Herbal Medicine” we read that licorice inhibits the growth of several DNA and RNA viruses. Since it has also long been used for bronchial and lung issues, it is a great fit for this virus. On the energetic level, licorice brings balance. It is the great harmonizer. It is nourishing and soothing. Sweet and Moist. 

Herbal Teas such as a Cold and Flu Formula with Elderberry, Yarrow, Boneset, and (Catnip in Winter/Peppermint in Summer). Or try Nettles, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano. Honey and LEMON – Lemon is a very strong anti-viral. That old tea my grandfather made was brilliant – especially because it had whiskey in it.

For fever: Yarrow, Lemon Balm especially FRESH Lemon Balm. 

Cough/Lungs: Mullein, Nasturtium, Licorice, Inula. Chaparral or Osha.

Shortness of breath Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Ephedra. Rosemary.

Other simple strategies include:

Every time you walk by a rosemary bush, pick a sprig and crush it and inhale. It loves to be pruned. It is everywhere – particularly as a landscape plant around hospitals, libraries, and office buildings.  Although avoid if you suspect landscaper uses pesticides – you are probably safe in Sebastopol and most of Sonoma county but… 

Make a Rosemary and Bay leaf crown. Especially now that I just read that Bay is narcotic, I am all about that. Plus, it really looks nice.

Sit in the Sun. The main reason we have a cold and flu “Season” here in North America is from a lack of sunlight at that time of the year. Sunlight and Protection Against Influenza NBER Working Paper No. 24340 IA study released in 2018, and revised in January 2019 from the National Bureau of Economic Research Website suggests that vitamin D supplementation protects against acute respiratory tract infection. Humans exposed to sunlight produce vitamin D directly. In fact, better than ANY supplement.They found that sunlight strongly protects against influenza (Granted this is NOT influenza but the basic thought is the same - immunity and protections). When comparing sunlight protection to protection produced by vitamin D supplementation in randomized trials, the sunlight effect was far greater. A plausible explanation is that exposure to sunlight is far broader, and sufficient to provide herd immunity. 

AVOID commercial hand sanitizers. Alcohol as an agent is entirely safe, other than the drying effects, which is why most commercial sanitizers include aloe. Do not use any hand sanitizer or soap, dish soap, laundry detergent and so that include antibiotics or antimicrobials. Unlike herbs which change yearly, virusesbecome resistant to these chemicals, and that's how you get MRSA. They ruin a healthy biome as well as one’s ability to cope with common microbe exposure, leading to an OVER-SUSCEPTIBILITY to disease in the long run. The most recommended thing from the CDC and WHO is still just washing your hands. 

Watch Karen Aguiar make some healthy Hand Sanitizer here:

See my page about Thieves oil!

SO Make your own sanitizers. The world health organization has a great recipe but it can be simplified. Look for a video o n this in the next few weeks.  Use Strong alcohol at a 60 to 70% dilution. This is important. Too high an alcohol content will toughen up the outer membrane - the corona - of this virus.

Stay Home. OK this really is a good idea. Stay home. Work at home if you can. Watch cartoons if you can't.  HOWEVER. Governments are saying avoid crowds and groups, to stay home and hide. Already several countries have made group assembly illegal because of this pandemic. While it is advisable to stay put and avoid crowds, it should be by one's own choice. I currently do not trust the judgement of our government and I urge vigilance in our rights to assemble.

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